Rep. Bill Johnson: Trump Doesn’t Need Nancy Pelosi’s Permission to Do the State of the Union

‘I suggested that maybe leader McConnell should invite him to do it at the Senate’


CAVUTO: "You heard the latest, sir, on Nancy Pelosi saying, you know, about that State of the Union speech, maybe you don’t give it, if you write it and mail it to us. What did you make of that?"
JOHNSON: "Well, first of all, Article II, section 3, clause 1, doesn’t even mention the speaker of the House. It is the president that has the responsibility to update the nation on the State of the Union. He can actually --" [crosstalk]
CAVUTO: "But he can do so via writing or -- or deliver it. We didn’t have, you know, cable news back then."
JOHNSON: "He absolutely can. And I suggested that maybe Leader McConnell should invite him to do it at the Senate or the capitol visitors senator where we can put both chambers in the same place. He does not need Nancy Pelosi’s permission to do the State of the Union."
CAVUTO: "All right. It doesn’t have to be in the House in that case. She might have power to do it in the House."
JOHNSON: "No, it does not."

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