WSJ’s Rothfeld on Cohen Rigging Polls: He Wanted IT Firm ‘to Make Trump the Greatest Business Leader of the Century’

‘He asked him if he could manipulate the poll by writing a computer script for Trump to win’


BOLDUAN: “Michael, let me start with you. Talk to me about this man, not Michael Cohen but John Gauger. What did — he is a tech consultant, he works with Liberty University. What did he tell you?"
ROTHFELD: "He told us that he established a relationship with Michael Cohen around 2012 after Trump visited with Liberty University. Cohen wanted to help him with technology issues like setting up his Instagram account. And then they had a number of other things they did that Cohen asked him to do. And in 2014 there was a CNBC poll of the top business leaders in the country and went from 200 down to the top 25. Cohen wanted him to make Trump the greatest business leader of the century. So he asked him if he could manipulate this poll by writing a computer script for Trump to win. He tried to do that, but it didn't work. And then a year later, as Trump was preparing to run for president, February 2015, Cohen asked Gauger again to do the same thing with the Drudge Report poll of Republican presidential candidates, and again it failed because Trump came in fifth in that pole of about 20,000 votes."

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