Kasich: Of Course Bill Barr Should Release the Mueller Report

‘You can’t have this thing go on for a couple of years’


CAMEROTA: "Let's talk about Bill Barr and the confirmation hearing. Should Bill Barr have to release the Mueller report at the end of it?" 
KASICH: "Of course, he should. Of course, we all think he should. I don't know how he doesn't. He's probably trying to preserve himself some space. But you can't have this thing go on for a couple of years and then go, OK, we'll give you a paragraph here that tells you what the conclusion is. I think people will demand it. And one way or another it's going to get out. It's Washington. Everything leaks out. So of course, it has to be released. That's for credibility. That's for moving forward. And I hope it comes out soon. I hope there is no problem for the president in it, I really do. I'm worried about our country."

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