Chuck Schumer: ‘I Don’t Have Much Faith in Barr,’ Trump Chose Him for Views on Presidential Power

‘I don’t have much faith in Barr’


SCHUMER: "Well, I have a lot of faith in Mueller. I don’t have much faith in Barr. I’ve come out against him getting this job. Why? Because when you have a president like Donald Trump who has so little respect for the rule of law, so little respect for the Justice Department as a rule of law body and seems to want to manipulate justice to help him and hurt his friends, you need an Attorney General who unequivocally will state certain things and Barr fudged them all. It sounded nice what he said, but there are a lot of loopholes in it. So, for instance, he says he’s for openness and he’s for transparency. He didn’t answer the question directly. Will you allow the entire Mueller report to be made public to the Congress and to the American public? Or when he says I believe Mueller should go forward, well, that’s not enough with a Trump presidency. You have to ask him and get a yes answer, will you not interfere in any way with the Mueller investigation? So I’m worried about Barr. I think Trump didn’t choose him just because he’s a fine lawyer. I think he chose him because of his views on presidential power and I think that given who Trump is, that Barr, unless Barr unequivocally, with no loopholes answers the questions I just mentioned, he shouldn’t be Attorney General. I’ll vote against him."

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