Clapper: ‘Americans Should Be Very Concerned’ About Trump’s One one Meetings with Putin

‘I think Americans should be very concerned about it’

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CAMEROTA: "Director, the reason you’re speculating about whether or not this was a talking point between President Trump and Vladimir Putin is because we have no idea. We have no idea. There’s no official read-out, there's no documents. He didn’t brief his advisors and other officials in his administration. So how concerned should Americans be that we have no idea on five separate occasions what President Trump spoke about with Vladimir Putin?"
CLAPPER: "Well, I think Americans should be very concerned about it. Here we’re having one-on-one meetings, several of them, and we have no idea what went on. And this is with the leader of the arch-adversary of the United States. I think the rationale that this is to prevent leaks, really to use the phrase, stretches credulity."

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