Earnest: Parents ‘Have a Responsibility’ To Vaccinate Their Kids Against Measles

‘It’s a responsibility not just for their own kids, but for kids in their community’

"I’m not going to avail myself of the opportunity to weigh in on the comments of others. I think the president’ views on this are clear. If given the opportunity to do so, he will repeat his urgent guidance that parents across the country have a responsibility to get their kids vaccinated against the Measles. The reason for that is failing to do so only puts at risk those families that have small children who can’t be vaccinated against the Measles until they are 12 months old, or also puts at risk those children that have compromised immune systems that also can’t get the Measles vaccine. That’s why the president believes that the parents do have a responsibility here, it's a responsibility not just for their own kids, but for kids in the community."

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