Van Jones: There’s Way Too Much White Supremacist Things Going on That’s Hiding Behind the Republican Party

‘I think the Republican party could do much more to signal to the country it does not like what’s happening’


JONES: “I think so. Part of the thing is there’s this bittersweet thing where you want to be joyful because the Republican Party is supposed to be the party of Lincoln. And they do something like this. You have a whole infestation going on in terms of what’s happening in the country. And we all look at different feeds, the algorithms really separate us. When I look at my feed, I see video after video after video of people going up, of white Americans going up to brown skinned people in super markets, in shopping centers telling them to get out of this country. So brown people are living in much more fear. Much more fear of this riding — rising tide of intolerance. I think the Republican Party could do much more to signal to the country it does not like what’s happening and this should be the first step and not the last.”

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