Bolton: Obama Wants To ‘Ultimately’ Destroy ISIS, But ‘Ultimately’ Is a Long Way Away

‘The president doesn’t recognize the nature of the threat’

“The first thing you've got to do is recognize the threat and understand its nature and decide what your objective is. The president says he’s opposed to all of what he calls violent extremism rather than Islamic terrorism, but let’s just take the example of ISIS. He says our objective is to degrade and ultimately destroy ISIS. Well, ultimately is a long time away and degrading it you can do by bits and pieces or you can get serious about it. The problem is the statement of the president’s objective is wrong. Again, to return to the post World War I analogy, Churchill said about the Russian revolution, we should have strangled bolshevism in its cradle. That's what our strategy should be before ISIS really does create viable Islamic state out of what used to be Syria and Iraq, before Boko Haram takes over huge territory in northern Africa, before Yemen becomes a base to attack the oil producing monarchies on the Arabian Peninsula. We need American leadership here to help the Arab states and other friendly countries in the region defend themselves against this threat, and right now we are not providing any leadership at all. If we don’t define the objective you can hardly have a strategy.”

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