Holmes Norton: King’s ‘Had a Very Long Line’ of White Nationalist Rhetoric and ‘Close Association’ with Them

‘That’s because this is not new, because it follows a very long line of white supremacy’


HOLMES NORTON: "I was not surprised, because he’s had a very long line of this kind of rhetoric and of close association, not only in this country, but in Europe, with white nationalists. He’s going so far this time that while a censure resolution is almost surely going to be put on the floor of the House, you see members of his own Party, what I think is — amounts to trying to get him out. He won his election by only 2,500 points. That’s because this is not new, because it follows a very long line of white supremacy, white nationalism, perhaps not as overt as this. But always there and always undisguised. So now what you’re seeing is, he’s got a primary challenger already. He may get another one. You see the top three leaders of the House, scolding criticism of so I think what you’re seeing is Republicans understanding, they’re not going to hold on to this seat. The only — only by three points did — "

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