Mike Quigley: If Trump Declares a Nat’l Emergency, He Will Be Creating Victims for a ‘Second Time’

‘I’m very concerned that one of the targets for money is emergency disaster relief’


QUIGLEY: “It’s hard to tell how these courts will act when they come through the Supreme Court. I’m very concerned that one of the targets for money is emergency disaster relief. In other words the president of the United States would be taking away money from people who have survived fires and hurricanes. He would be creating victims a second tame. It is extraordinary how to tell how a very unpredictable president will act on this I would like to think that given another shot we have done two weeks of putting bills that senators on both parties voted for nearly unanimously just before the holidays. We’ll try it again next week. Reasonable minds can agree. Remember, the government is funded by 12 bills, five have passed. Six remaining seven had nothing to do with this wall. Let’s pass those through the end of the fiscal year. Pass it until March. Put our workers back to their vital task and have them getting paid again and we can resume real car ration of what the president is talking about.”

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