Rep. Mark Walker on Shutdown: ‘What’s Immoral Is Congress Not Doing Their Job’ Not the Wall

‘This is a huge failure on behalf of the United States Congress’


HEMMER: "Do you go to $2.5 billion? Does the President go to national emergency?"
WALKER: "We would do it in a heartbeat."
HEMMER: "Sorry, you would do what in a heartbeat?"
WALKER: "I would take $2.5 billion. We would take any kind of deal process. But here is the thing. We continue to go to the table. I have been over to the White House several times in several meetings. We continue to reach out, and there is a flat, rebellious spirit coming from Nancy because she has promised the very Progressive wing of her party that she will have nothing to do with what she calls and immoral structure. What’s immoral is Congress not doing their job."

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