Chuck Todd Slams Bernie: ‘If You Can’t Manage a Campaign, How Do You Manage the Country?’

‘No potential 2020 candidates had a worse start to 2019 it looks like than Bernie Sanders’


[clip starts]
COOPER: "And just to be clear, you seem to indicate that you did not know at the time about the allegations, is that correct?"
SANDERS: "Yes, I was a little bit busy running around the country trying to make the case."
[clip ends]
TODD: "Boy, is that is a tough answer to defend because of course, if you are running to be the president of the United States, if you can’t manage a campaign, how do you manage the country concepts? That's a tough answer to defend. These stories, Elizabeth Warren’s successful early rollout in this race — politically speaking, no potential 2020 candidate has had a worse start to 2019, it looks like, than Bernie Sanders."

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