CNBC Host: Dems ‘Could Open the Government Any Time … They Just Care About Making a Political Point’

‘That makes me think they don’t care about people not getting paychecks either’


KERNEN: "When the president offered supposedly $2.5 billion, which is a tenth of what many Democrats have agreed to many different times, if you were to do that, come together offer a bone, if you will, just to get this done, you could open the government. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer can open the government any time they want by just coming together with just the slightest bit of negotiation. It makes me think they don't care about people not getting paychecks either. They just care about making a political point and denying Trump anything. Why is that wrong, though?"
HOYER: "What happens next time when the president says, 'Do as I want to say. And if you don't, I'll shut down the government?' Or the next time after that or the next time after that? This is a policy that is an immoral stupid policy."

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