Homeland Security Special Agent Scott Brown: Wall Won’t Stop Drugs Coming into the U.S.

‘The vast amount of hard narcotics come through at the ports of entry where we just were’


BROWN: "The vast majority of fentanyl is produced in China. It comes into the U.S. two ways. It comes into Mexico where it is combined with heroin. The other way it comes in is American consumers buying it direct oftentimes from vendors from China."
GUPTA: "Then it’s get mailed in?"
BROWN: "U.S. Mail, which is the most common. A very small quantity of fentanyl is very hard to detect in the masses of letters that come into the U.S. every day.
GUPTA: "How effective is a wall at preventing drugs from getting into the United States?"
BROWN: "In terms of hard narcotics, no, I don’t know that we can get immediately safer over hard narcotics. As of right now, the vast majority of hard narcotics come in through the ports of entry in deep concealment or through the mail order express consignments."

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