Joe Scarborough: Investigation of Jeff Bezos Was ‘Directed Hit Job’ by Pro-Trump National Enquirer

‘Why is it that they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and go to extraordinary lengths to try to destroy the life of Jeff Bezos, a man who has been enemy number one of Donald Trump’

Joe Scarborough: Investigation of Jeff Bezos Was ‘Directed Hit Job’ by Pro-Trump National Enquirer (Mediaite

Joe Scarborough thinks National Enquirer committed a pro-Trump “hit job” against Jeff Bezos in light of how the tabloid is taking credit for the Amazon CEO’s divorce.

Mediaite previously reported on how the Enquirer published several explicit text messages from Bezos’ extramarital affair as he prepares to finalize his divorce with his wife of 25 years. Last night, the Enquirerdrew attention over a statement they released saying they followed Bezos for months to document his liaison.

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