Christian Whiton: Pompeo’s Speech ‘Was a Brutal But Essential Break from What Obama’ Did with the Apology Tour

‘It was a brutal but essential break from what Obama did’


WHITON: “It was a brutal but essential break from what Obama did. Obama did this prolonged apology tour for the United States where he went around and apologized for U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East really going back to before Obama was born. He apologized for a political intervention in Iran in the 1950s to prevent communists from coming to power. So, what we saw from Mike Pompeo was night and day. He said bluntly America is a force for good. And as you just said, he said American self-revulsion basically is over, talked about something that’s going to irritate the snowflakes you talked about in the last segment. Just a very clear statement of American strength and America first."

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