Americans for Tax Reform’s Paul Blair: Dems ‘Are Waging All Our War Against Taxpayers’

‘One of the first acts of the new democratic-run house was to lower the requirement’


BLAIR: "Absolutely. Look, one of the first acts of the new Democrat-run House was to lower the requirement, the 3/5ths requirement to raise taxes. And what we have seen since that time are proposals ranging everywhere from, of course, as you just played the clip to double the top income tax rate, a promise to bring back the individual mandate penalty tax that hits largely taxpayers that are middle class that make under $50,000 a year, a promise to increase the corporate rate by 33 percent. And so, across the board, from low to middle to high earners, Democrats are waging all-out war against taxpayers. Perhaps not surprising but certainly concerning that it’s happened so quickly in just the last week and a half, two weeks."

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