Mika Brzezinski to Trump: Mr. President, Your Wall Idea Is Really Stupid!

‘President Trump being shown that tunnels had been dug under already existing walls’


BRZEZINSKI: “Mr. President, just letting you know in public during your own dog and pony show with your Department of Homeland Security director right there that your wall idea is really stupid. Yup, that was a roundtable discussion with border officials yesterday who actually know how things work there. President Trump being shown that tunnels had been dug under already existing walls. Trump made several carefully orchestrated appearances at the border. That one didn’t go very well, aimed at dramatizing what he calls a crisis, surrounded by border agents and contraband. Including at that roundtable discussion we just mentioned where seized stacks of heroin, meth, guns and cash were prominently displayed, yet as 'The New York Times' points out, the display of drugs, weapons and cash was mainly the product of law enforcement actions stopping criminals at international bridges where most drugs are smuggled in conventional ports of entry. Law enforcement officials boasted of apprehending criminals who had built a tunnel. The money was taken from a suspect who had overstayed a visa. Okay. God.”

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