‘Morning Joe’ Calls Trump a Dictator, an Autocrat Who Is Invoking a Totally Made Up Emergency

‘It’s a political emergency’


HEILEMANN: “There’s only one emergency, Joe, right now in Donald Trump's life and it’s not a national emergency. It’s a political emergency. I’ll just say that when you see a chief executive invoking a totally made-up national emergency in order to actually try to solve a political emergency and in this context divert resources, invoke this national emergency and potentially be deploying the military in its service, you are seeing the actions of an autocrat. That is the behavior that if you saw it in a third world country, and we have in many third world countries, you would say that’s the guy who runs the junta, that's the guy who runs the dictatorship, who is instituting martial law in the streets because his regime is crumbling. That’s where we've seen this before and that's where you've been seeing this context. Something very much parallel to that and why it’s so disturbing.”

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