Kimmel: Trump’s Using the ‘Caravan Story’ Like Parents Use ‘The Elf on the Shelf’ To Scare Their Kids

‘Right, it’s the new 2019 Dodge Caravan with more space than ever before’


KIMMEL: “Right, it’s the new 2019 Dodge Caravan with more space than ever before. Do you think he even knows where Honduras is in how about this, we’ll pay for the wall if you can find Honduras on the map. Trump uses these caravans to scare his supporters like parents use the elf on the shelf to scare kids. I guess in a spirit of compromise, he said we’ll make it out of steel slats. But the department of homeland security did a test on a prototype and found that the slats can easily be cut with a saw. So unless you have $80 and access to a Home Depot, you are not get no not getting into this country. Maybe that was the plan, build the wall and sell trump circular saws to the Mexicans. He treated the officials gathered there to a less some on the history of the wheel.”

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