Axios’ Swan to Fox’s Bret Baier: Trump Admin Has ‘Given Up’ on Congress Funding Wall

‘Which means it’s either declare the emergency, which you know, will take them into a court fight, or OMG’


SWAN: “It does seem -- everything I'm hearing for the administration, they have given up on a congressional solution which means declare the emergency which will take them into a court fight or omb, the budget office has been looking for creative ways to find other pots of money that they can move around. Most of it comes down to the Pentagon. All of these options are politically and legally challenging. It is no surprise that he is looking to tap into these disaster funds. Lots of money appropriated by Congress. A lot of it hasn't been spent and Trump has already said privately that he wants to stop getting money to Puerto Rico. It doesn't surprise me that that is where they are heading.”

(Via Mediaite)

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