Hirono: Trump’s ‘Taking 800K Federal Employees Hostage So He Can Get His Vanity Wall’

‘He is a hostage taker’

HIRONO: "He's taking 800,000 federal employees hostage so he can get his vanity wall. That's what I mean. He is a hostage taker. He can't negotiate about the wall on the substance of it. He has to take 800,000 people hostage in order to get what he wants. This is a vanity wall. Of course, we Democrats want border security, but we want it to be a smart border security, not the kind of physical wall that so many people say is not going to do the job. So he has created this crisis. It's a manufactured crisis and he's doing everything he can to make everybody believe that he's literally up against the wall, and the only real wall is the one that's closing in on him."

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