Jill Wine-Banks: Michael Cohen Testimony Can Lead to Impeachment of Trump

‘There’s nothing more persuasive than hearing Donald Trump’s voice in conversation with Michael Cohen’


WINE-BANKS: "Well, you know, we have the problem that there is a group of people in America who believe things that are completely contradicted by known fact because they believe whatever Donald Trump says, even when he contradicts things he previously said. So it’s hard to know exactly what will come out of this. But I do think that Congress can possibly, there are tape recordings, and there’s nothing more persuasive than hearing Donald Trump’s voice in conversation with Michael Cohen. And those — they may be in the possession of Mueller but have not been released because they are part of grand jury secrecy. Congress doesn’t have to keep things secret. Once they are out in the public, it can change people’s minds. I point to Watergate when the support for Richard Nixon, who won 49 out of 50 states, he won a landslide in the popular vote, had huge support in Congress. Once the tapes started being heard and the facts and even the witnesses, once you heard John Dean say the words and then they were corroborated by the tapes, it changed people. And that’s what led to his resignation was the Republicans went to him and said we heard the evidence, you have no more support, you will be convicted after these articles of impeachment are finished. And unless you resign, you will be convicted by the Senate."

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