CNN’s Smerconish: Democrats Are Opposing the Wall ‘Largely Because It’s So Associated’ with Trump

‘And I see Republicans who are for it because Democrats are against it’


SMERCONISH: "There’s no doubt. On the campaign trail and via Twitter ever since, the implication has been that they would be directly paying for it. I don’t know whether people took him seriously in that regard, but there is no doubt that he said something then that he’s not saying now. Look, from my perspective, what I see, I see Democrats who are opposing this wall or whatever he’s calling it largely because it’s so associated with him. And I see Republicans who are for it because Democrats are against it. I have to believe, Brianna, that some part of a wall is necessary. But not all of it. They’re treating this in such simplistic terms without a full explanation of where exactly is it needed and why is it needed? I thought the other night he should have done a Ross Perot-like presentation with charts and diagrams and satellite images and explain exactly where he think we're vulnerable and why. He's really never made that case. He's not moved beyond sound bites. And frankly, for their part, I don’t think the Democratic response has been all that convincing as to why at least some portion of our border wouldn’t be enhanced in its security with erection of more building, slat, whatever it might be."

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