Judge Nap: ‘I Don’t Think the Mueller Thing Is Going To Come To an End Quickly’

‘I also don’t think think the report is going to come out at one time’


EARHARDT: "Why do you think the Mueller investigation is not going to wrap up for another year? Because we had an expert on yesterday. Jonathan Turley was saying this is probably an indication that it's wrapping up, Mueller’s team is wrapping up."
NAPOLITANO: "I have great respect for professor Turley and he's actually closer to this than I am. But, you know, we all have different sources. And I have come to the view that Mueller keeps finding things and keeps wanting to get information from people. Why did they indict the Russian lawyer unless they can get — Russia doesn’t extradited their citizens to the U.S. but maybe some deal will come about where they can get information from her. That means there is still some --" [crosstalk]
KILMEADE: "That was done by the New York attorney general."
NAPOLITANO: "Referred by Mueller. So you know, they are all -- they're all working together. I don’t think the Mueller thing is going to come to an end quickly. I know everybody wants it to.” 

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