Sean Spicer: The Only Reason There Is Dem Opposition to the Wall Is Because It’s Donald Trump Proposing This

‘Nancy Pelosi and Trump and Schumer should give all the money to the border patrol and say they get to decide what goes on’


SPICER: "I don’t know what happens next. Look, the President laid out a very compelling case last night. The idea that border security, national security, human trafficking and drugs flowing over our southern border are somehow now a political football is wrong. These should be bipartisan issues. Frankly, it is political in the sense that in 2013 all 54 Senate Democrats voted for $40 plus billion dollars of border security, including 700 miles of fencing. The only reason there’s opposition is because it’s Donald Trump that is proposing this. One of my predecessors and one of the Fox contributors Ari Fleischer had a great idea. Nancy Pelosi and Trump and Schumer should just do this: give all the money to the Border Patrol and say they get to decide what goes on. Because the reality is that anybody with a brain will recognize we need a combination of border wall and fencing along the southern border that we have, that’s always been a bipartisan issue. But if we take Trump’s name out of it, if we called it the Schumer border security bill, they would probably pass it. The only reason they’re against it is because it’s Trump."

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