Scarborough: ‘Good on Fox News for Putting Shep Smith out There’ to Fact Check Trump

‘The anchor informed Fox viewers the number of illegal border crossings has steadily been going down over the past 10 years despite Donald Trump’s assertion’


SCARBOROUGH: "Hey, Willie, you know, we’ve been following very interesting -- we’ve been following what happened on Fox News. I talked earlier about seeing a headline and hearing a certain commentator say some things that, well let’s just say were disconnected from reality. But to the Fox News news division, right after this speech, they put on Shep Smith and Shep hit the president pretty hard with fact checking. Immediately following Trump’s approximately 10-minute speech, Smith broke down a number of claims that were deliberately misleading and talked about how statistics showed there’s less violent crime by the undocumented immigrant population than by the general population. Also Shep making the point that government statistics show that much of the heroin actually comes not over unguarded borders but through ports of call. And also the anchor informed Fox viewers that the number of illegal border crossings has been, quote, 'steadily been going down over the past 10 years' despite Donald Trump’s assertion. And good on Fox News for putting Shep Smith out there and letting their viewers know what the truth was about the president’s claims."

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