Scarborough: Trump’s ‘justification for That Wall Is Based on Lies’ and He Held the Networks ‘Hostage’ Last Night

‘Last night, it was the TV networks held hostage for 8, 9, 10 minutes for a speech that broke no new ground’

SCARBOROUGH: “Well, actually, you wouldn’t be here tonight, but for the fact that Donald Trump’s obsessing on a wall that’s nothing more than a fantasy. Of course, as you know, as you’ve heard, and as his own statistics show you from his own government, his justification for that wall is just based on lies. So, Mika, what we need to be looking at today is what’s the impact of the speech, what’s it mean as we move forward? Also, what’s it mean about the White House in disarray that you have a president who announced to people yesterday afternoon he didn’t want to do the speech? He didn’t want to go down to the border but he went ahead and did it anyway. In effect, a lot of people are talking about holding the government hostage, holding this hostage, holding that hostage. Well, last night, it was the TV networks that were held hostage for 8, 9, 10 minutes for a speech that broke no new ground, said absolutely nothing and that is going to make every network have to reexamine whether they will carry his next speech.”

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