Noah: No One Ever Thought About a President Trump That’s Why Definition of Nat’l Emergency Was Left Open

‘Which is why they left such a big loophole’


NOAH: “So Congress left it open to interpretation because they assumed the president would be somebody responsible and trustworthy and potty trained. They didn’t think there would be a President Trump, which is why they left such a big loophole, which goes back to what we have been saying about trump for a very long time — he’s basically the black light on American democracy, right? You realize there were all these flaws in America that nobody ever noticed before he showed up, and then all of a sudden it was, like, oh, bam! Oh, wow! What is that? Oh, the president — the president doesn’t have to show his tax returns. Oh, and the president doesn’t have to divest from his businesses. And, holy shit, he might be able to pardon himself. That’s crazy! And what is that down there? That’s just a mustard stain from when Thomas Jefferson signed — he signed the most important document with his lunch. That’s weird. That’s not trump’s fault. So thanks to Trump, we’ve learned that, during a national emergency, a president can do way more than build a wall — shut down the Internet, send the troops in, he can control the country. So if I were the Democrats, I would give trump the wall before he finds out what he can really do. I know it sounds crazy, but now he’s like the baby from the incredibles. He only knows that he can float. We do not want him finding out if he can shoot lasers out of his eyes. We’ll be right back.”

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