Tom Fitton: ‘It Is a National Emergency When We Have a Thousand Plus Miles of Unsecured Border’

‘We know terrorists are targeting our southern border’


FITTON: “There were 3,000 special interest aliens confronted at the border last year. These aren’t special interest aliens we are interested in because of their hobbies. It’s because we think they have a national security impact on us. And there may be a terrorist link. These numbers are pretty astonishing when you look at the massive numbers of terrorists or people that we suspect to be terrorists trying to infiltrate our southern border. He may not declare a national emergency but it is a national emergency when we have thousand plus miles of unsecured border in our southern area without any ability to know who is coming across. We know terrorists are targeting our southern border. Just last month we deported a guy who was based out of Brazil who was smuggling terrorists into the united States. This is a serious issue and it’s shameful that the political class here in town because they don’t like Trump don’t want to address this issue that places our national security at risk.”

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