Cornyn: ‘I Appreciate the Fact’ Trump’s Going over the Head of Pelosi and Schumer and Taking His Message to the People

‘I think the American people believe there is a crisis at the border’


CORNYN: "I appreciate the fact the President is now going over the head of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and taking his message directly to the American people. Because I think the American people believe there is a crisis at the border. It’s a humanitarian crisis, as you have heard. That’s what President Obama called it in 2014, because of the flood of Central Americans coming across. Unaccompanied children, or family units. Because of gaps in our law, they are unable to be processed as if they had come from Mexico, for example. It is also a national security vulnerability. 70,000 people died of drug overdoses last year in the United States, much of that from heroin. 90 percent of which came from Mexico. We know that human trafficking is one of the favorite moneymakers for the criminal organizations that operate in Mexico and in Central America. There is a train of misery coming into the United States from these transnational criminal organizations, that traffic in drugs and people and human misery. I’m glad the President is taking his message directly to the American people."

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