Eric Swalwell: ‘Donald Trump Is Not Interested in Border Security, He Is Interested in Border Theater’

‘He can interrupt the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks as far as I’m concerned, he is not getting a wall’


SWALWELL: "We're not here to help President save face, Wolf, we're here to save the American people from the threats that we have abroad and domestically. And we have put forward legislation that passed the Senate 100-0, 100 Republicans and Democrats who came together to fund border security. Donald Trump is not interested in border security, he is interested in border theater, and he' not interested in the facts, which is that there is a net outflow of immigration leaving this country right now, and that the majority of undocumented individuals overstayed their visa. So we should look at better enforcing that, so Wold, he can interrupt the Superbowl in a couple of weeks, as far as I'm concerned, he is not getting a wall."

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