Donald Trump on Obama Brewing Beer: ‘Isn’t That Illegal?’

‘It wasn’t a hard interview. There’s no question about it’

DOOCY: “What were they thinking when they came up, Donald Trump, with a list of questions for Savannah Guthrie to ask the President of the United States. Remember last year, it was Bill O'Reilly, who was really holding the president’s feet to the fire, asking him to answer a lot of questions that people had questions about. Did she asked him about ISIS? Did she asked him about important things like Bowe Bergdahl? Apparently they taped something else that they’re going to run today, but in the part we saw, we saw exciting things like this. Here is the president talking about White House beer.”

[clip starts]

OBAMA: “We make beer. First president since George Washington to make some booze in the White House ...  Made from honey from Michelle’s garden. That’s how this originally came about. Somebody in the navy mess figured out that you could make beer using honey."


OBAMA: “So let’s taste it. It’s been well reviewed.”

GUTHRIE: “Has it?"

OBAMA: “Yes, absolutely. Let's see what you think."

GUTHRIE: “I’m gonna take a tiny sip.”

OBAMA: “Savannah, enjoy the beer. You should finish it before our full interview. It will make it go smoother."

[clip ends]

DOOCY: “Probably good advice. You should have a full beer before an interview. Just kidding. What did you make of that interview?”

TRUMP: “Well, I know Savannah. She’s always been very nice to me. I just think it was obviously on the soft side, there is no question about it. I didn’t think you are allowed to make beer. Isn’t that illegal?”

DOOCY: “The sense we got was that you ask tougher questions in the board room, Donald, than we heard from the president. Was that the food network? What was going on there?”

TRUMP: “It wasn’t a hard interview, there is no question about it. We can say we want to be nice, it's Super Bowl. So I guess that case could be made. But this was not a hard, hard interview. This was not a grilling interview there is no question about it.”

EARHARDT: “Mr. Trump, what was interesting is that he said, President Obama said the first president to make beer in the White House was George Washington. It’s incorrect. I went on the White House’s web site and it’s clear as day on the web site that the first president to move into the White House was John Adams and Abigail Adams.”

DOOCY: “Wait a minute. Are you saying that president got something wrong?" (Laughter)

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