Conway Spars with CNN’s Acosta: ‘You’re Such a Smartass Most of the Time’

Acosta: ‘Kellyanne, can you promise the president will tell the truth tonight?’

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ACOSTA: "Can you guarantee that the President's speech — "

CONWAY: "Let me get back in your face because you're such a smartass most of the time, and I know you want this to go viral. A lot of these people don't like you. But let me just be respectful to the media, as I always am. I explained that that was alternative information, additional facts, and I explained it many times. And don't you put it back in my face for all the corrections that your network needs to issue. I was on your network 25 or 26 times in 2018. I'm one of the last people here who even bothered to go on and the disrespect that you showed me personally, I'll just look past."

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