David Gregory: I Know CNN Will ‘Really Scrutinize’ What Trump Says in Real-Time

‘I know CNN will do it, to really scrutinize what the president says in real-time as well as give the Democrats a chance to respond and decide whether there is an emergency at the border’


GREGORY: "There have been debates about how presidents have used national airtime in the past. During the Iraq War I remember notably a lot of debates on updates on the war’s progress and actions being taken in Iraq. So that will continue, but I do think Joe is right, I think there is an opportunity and a responsibility, and I know CNN will do it, to really scrutinize what the President says in real-time as well as provide Democrats an opportunity to respond so there can be some debate in prime time that's in the national interest about the government shutdown and about whether there is any kind of emergency at the border, which has been a case thus far made with so many falsehoods that are provably false, a situation that has not dramatically changed and that the President hasn’t dealt with when he had an opportunity to get five times as much funding from the Democrats as he’s demanding now to have a comprehensive solution. So those are the holes that have to be exposed about the President’s approach here. At the same time, he’s doing what I think most presidents would do, try to command as much attention to control the narrative in this government shutdown to force the solution his way."

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