CMS Head Refuses to Reveal ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers Until ‘Mid-November’

‘We will not have those numbers available until mid-November’

CAMP: “Um, according to the press report that the memo estimated that 494,620 people would sign up for health insurance under the program by October 31st. Now, we're obviously very near that date. Um, have you met that estimate?”
TAVENNER: “We will not have those numbers available until mid-November.”
CAMP: “So do you not know? Do you not have any idea of how many people have enrolled, or are you –“
TAVENNER: “--Folks are still in the process of enrolling both in the state-based exchanges and in the federal exchange, and we will have those numbers available mid-November.”
CAMP: “Are you getting those numbers?”
TAVENNER: “Am I getting those numbers? Not yet. Not from the state.”
CAMP: “You have no numbers on who's enrolled. So you have no idea?”
TAVENNER: “We will have those numbers available mid-November.”
CAMP: “So no one is forwarding even weekly updates on—“
TAVENNER: “--I think you've seen some of the press, and I think that was on the graph earlier about what states have listed. We will get those numbers in the mid-November.”
CAMP:  “But, I mean, I understand you're not publicly releasing those numbers, but I'm asking do you have any idea of on a weekly basis how many people enroll? I mean, how do you not know how many people have enrolled?”
TAVENNER: “Chairman Camp, we will have those numbers available in mid-November.”
CAMP: “But is your staff updating you on those? Are you getting those on a periodic basis? I realize you're not prepared to give this to the committee, um, even though this is a government program and we're trying to do oversight here and we're trying to understand what the problems are, but do you have some idea of what those problems might be? In terms of the numbers?”
TAVENNER: “I'm not quite sure what you're asking me.”
CAMP: “Well, you've said that 700,000 people have completed the application process, so clearly you're getting some information. Do you have any idea of how many of those can move to the next step of enrolling, looking at plans? –“
TAVENNER: “—so—“
CAMP: “--How many are eligible? How many have decided to enroll?”
TAVENNER: “Once individuals complete the application, then they go into the shopping experience where they can look at plans. We do get numbers on the number of applications, and then we need to break those out, and that's what I said, this is part of the rollout that we will give in mid-November for the October data.”
CAMP: “Okay. So you do have the applications, which is the 700,000 number—“
TAVENNER: “--Yes--”
CAMP: “--But you don't have how many people successfully enrolled?”
TAVENNER: “I'm saying people are still in the process of enrolling.”
CAMP: “Of those 700,000, do you know how many of those are eligible for Medicaid at this point?”
TAVENNER: “We have some information on who is eligible for Medicaid, and then obviously states have their own information about that, and it depends on whether a state is expanded or not and what's going on inside. It's very state specific.”
CAMP: “Can you share with the committee the information you have about those that have enrolled that are eligible for Medicaid?”
TAVENNER: “We will also have that information available in mid-November as well.”
CAMP: “Because that would mean of those 700,000, a significant portion could not be enrolling in the, would not be in the exchange if they're qualifying for Medicaid, isn't that correct?”
TAVENNER: “We will have that information available to you in mid-November.”
CAMP: “Yeah. But the law is that if they are eligible for Medicaid, they're not enrolling in the exchange, that's my question.”
TAVENNER:  “Correct.”
CAMP: “So there could be a significant portion of that 700,000 that would not be enrolling in an exchange, is that correct?”
TAVENNER: “There could be numbers in there that will be eligible for Medicaid, that's correct.”
CAMP: “Do you know how many of the 700,000 have qualified employer-sponsored insurance and, therefore, will not be eligible for the exchange?”
TAVENNER: “Those individuals who have employer-sponsored insurance usually at the end of the application, they're asked that, and if that's the case, they usually don't proceed.”
CAMP: “Do you know how many of those 700,000 are young adults say under the age of 26 who might choose to stay on their parents' plan if it's cheaper?”
TAVENNER: “I do not.”
CAMP: “And do you know how many are undocumented aliens and who may not be eligible to enroll in the exchange?”
TAVENNER: “So, as you are aware, we actually have a connection through the data hub to check for that, and if they are not eligible, they cannot complete the application, they do not go on to shop.”

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