Fmr. Mayor of Shiloh, Israel: In the First Year that the Wall Was Built, Illegal Entry into Israel Was Cut to Almost Nothing

‘If you want to understand whether walls work, Israel is a tremendous example’


RUBIN: “Well, if you want to understand whether walls work, Israel is a tremendous example. We have two different kinds of walls that have been built in the past couple of decades. So let’s first look at the wall in jud samaria. North of Jerusalem and south of Jerusalem. In judea and samaria, between the year 2000 and the year 2005 there were over 1,000 terrorist attacks in Israel, over 1,000 people killed in terrorist attacks, I should say, and there were several thousand who were wounded in terrorist attacks. I, myself, was shot and wounded in a terrorist attack along with my 3-year-old son who was shot in the head. The terrorism was so intense and every day people didn’t know if they were going to be able to get to work or the children were going to get to school. It was a terrible situation. Israel’s government decided to build a wall separating the major cities of Israel from samaria and judea. So a wall was built, part of it of concrete but most of it from very very strong steel. It was a high wall and it had barbed wire as well as high-tech measures and it was very very it cut down on terrorism by 95% so it was very very effective. And to this day we don’t have major terrorist attacks in the big cities in Israel. Now, if you look at the southern border that separates Egypt and Israel, down there was a problem of illegal immigration. So the issue was a little different. It was illegal immigration as opposed to terrorism. But the illegal immigration was causing a lot of crime and 55,000 immigrants came in from the southern border between the years 2000 and 2012, a wall was built, actually mostly fence but a physical barrier, a very strong physical barrier on the entire southern border. And in the first year that it was built the entry, the illegal entry into Israel was cut down almost to nothing. And the year after they raised the level and your time.”

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