Dan Bongino Mocks Chris Hahn for Calling the Wall ‘Old Technology’: ‘Fire Is Old Technology’

‘Electricity wasn’t invented yesterday’

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HAHN: “I will answer if you let me. Dan, in a confined area a wall is a perfect obstacle to block things in. But if you have got thousands of miles of wall and you don’t have people stations every couple feet to monitor it, it won’t work. We need technology, not a wall. Walls are old technology.”
BONGINO: “The incline plane is old technology. Fire is old technology. Electricity wasn’t invented yesterday. It’s a passive security measure. I get it, you don’t understand this stuffed but you talk about it anyway. When you are involved in access control. We are not look for a perfect solution. A wall is not going to stop every single person. What it does is, it creates an obstruction and makes it more difficult it’s a pass jiffive security measure to control access.”

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