Michael Steele: McConnell Has Very Little Leverage, Pelosi Has All the Cards in Her Hands

‘McConnell has very little leverage here because he is weakened by a President that is mercurial on the subject’


STEELE: “McConnell has very little leverage here largely because of the fact that he is weakened by a president who is mercurial on the subject. Nancy has all of the cards in her hand right now. She has no incentive to go to the White House and say, 'OK, let’s make a deal.' She's made it very firm to your point, since she has landed the votes for the speakership, she has held her line that she will not put one dollar in the budget for a wall. The president now has to figure out what he is willing to settle with. His problem is Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham who is sitting on the sidelines saying over and over again you cannot capitulate here, because if you do, you lose a lot more than this particular debate with Nancy Pelosi."

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