Chuck Schumer: ‘President Trump Is Holding the Government Hostage over His Wall’

‘We have given our Republican colleagues a way out of the shutdown’

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SCHUMER: "The Trump administration has not even spent the border security funding allocated by Congress last year ... To so many Americans, we do not want the wall to be a symbol of America. Much preferring the Statue of Liberty be that symbol. The symbolism is bad for the country, for our economy, for our security, for our ability to get along in the world ... Democrats certainly support strong, effective border security. Fencing, drones, technology, roads. What the experts say actually works ... President Trump is holding the government hostage over his wall, using the well-being of millions of Americans in a futile attempt to get what he wants. A concrete border wall ... We have given our Republican colleagues a way out of the shutdown based on Republican approved proposals. All leader McConnell needs to do to reopen the government is to bring to the floor the legislation that he, and nearly every other Republican senator, already supports.”

(Via Breitbart)

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