Trump: ‘Without a Wall, You Cannot Have Border Security’

‘It won’t work’

TRUMP: "There meeting was set up a long time ago. We were working on different ways of stopping the problems that we have in our country and other countries have problems. The economy makes it even more the economy is bringing people in because we're doing so well with the economy. Unemployment is now 3.7% and that's among the lowest we've ever had. The lowest in 50 years. Among certain groups, the lowest so I just appreciate them being I said let's go out and see the press. You can tell them about the importance of the wall. They basically said and I think I can take the word "Basically out" without a wall, you cannot have border security. Without a very strong form of barrier, call it what you will, but without a wall, you cannot have border security. It won't work.”

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