Goodell: ‘I Can’t’ Imagine Any Circumstance that Would Lead to Me Resigning

A reporter said, ‘Many people in America who went through the year you’ve had, probably would have resigned or been fired’

REPORTER: "Commissioner Goodell, KKFN Denver. Speaking of jobs, it's been a tough year for you in your job this year. Many people in America went through the year you've had, probably would have resigned or been fired. Can you envision any set of circumstances which would lead you to resigning or being fired as your job as commissioner?" 
GOODELL: "No, I can't. Does that surprise you? Listen, I -- it has been a tough year. It's been a tough year on me personally. It's been a year of what I would say humility and learning. We obviously as an organization have gone through adversity but more importantly it's been adversity for me. And that is something where we take that seriously. It's an opportunity for us to get better. It's an opportunity for us for our organization to get better. So we've all done a lot of soul searching starting with yours truly. And we have taken action. A lot of the concerns that we had back in August where we didn't have a policy that addressed a very complex issue, we didn't have answers for that. We didn't fully understand those issues. Well now, we have experts in the field. They are in our office. They are helping us understand this. Advisers that have given us a better understanding of the issues and how to deal with these complex issues. We went on road and last county had well over 150 experts, whether former players or college university presidents, law enforcement officials, how can we do a better job of managing these complex issues? And we set out to create a new personal conduct policy, which is unanimously approved by 32 owners in December. We made enormous progress. Things we didn't know and things where we were in August are not where we are today. We're in a good place in knowing and learning and being more hum -- having a lot more humility as an organization and as an individual, it's been a tough year but year of great progress. And I'm excited about the future. The second and probably important issue for us is that we want to make a difference in this area. Not Justin ternlly but externally. We've done a great deal to bring more awareness to these issues of domestic violence and sexual assault. We're committed to that. We're working with various organizations -- bring awareness, understand what victims and survivors are going through. One of the most compelling moments I had this entire fall was going to shelters or going to hot line center and being able to speak to the advocates and hear the fear, the emotion, the economic consequences. That is compelling and it will make you understand this issue much more deeply. And we as the NFL and this commissioner understands that a lot better today than he did before. And I where we with make a difference..."

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