Joe Scarborough: The Trump Shutdown Is a Political Bust

‘70% of Americans oppose his wall shutdown strategy’


SCARBOROUGH: “And we have a president who is acting like he holds the upper hand in these talks when he doesn’t. Seven of ten Americans, think about this, 70 percent of Americans oppose his wall shutdown strategy. So when it comes to pure numbers, when it comes to pure data, the Trump shutdown is a political bust. And the Republicans know that. The Democrats have a proposal on the table that would get the government open today and get immigration judges back in their courts, and get immigration services like E-Verify that ensure there are legal people who are getting hired by businesses, would get those E-Verify services back online today and make our country safer. Safer for legal immigrants, safer for Americans. This is, again, a plan that Republicans in the Senate have supported. But you got a president, Mika, who wants his phony wall on the Mexican border so badly that he has frozen the possibility of any meaningful negotiations taking place.”

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