White House Rips Israel for ‘Counterproductive’ Settlement Announcement

‘We have deep concerns about these highly contentious settlement construction announcements ... they will further isolate Israel internationally’

"We've on number occasions had the opportunity to make clear our position on settlement activity. Our position is that we believe that settlements are illegitimate and counterproductive to achieving a two-state outcome. We have deep concerns about these highly contentious settlement construction announcements. They will have detrimental impacts on the ground, inflame already high tensions with the Palestinians, and further isolate the Israelis internationally.

The United States as a close ally of Israel works -- uses our diplomatic influence around the globe to try to build support for Israel, and an announcement like this only serves to further isolate them. I can tell you that issuing tenders like this does nothing to bolster Israel's security, it does not increase its prosperity, and it does not further the cause for peace. In fact, it does precisely  the opposite."


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