Acting AG Whitaker Praises Trump for ‘Giving Up’ Holidays While Congress ‘Went on Vacation’

‘It is undeniable that a border wall improves the security of our southern border’

WHITAKER: “Sir, Mr. President, I will start by highlighting the fact that you stayed in Washington, D.C. over the holidays, giving up Christmas with your family, New Year’s with your family, trying to bring an end to this shutdown and security to our southern border while members of Congress, some members of Congress went on vacation and ignored the problem. You have demonstrated your dedication to delivering on this critical issue for our country and for the American people. But Congress has to act. They have to fund the wall. It is undeniable that a border wall improves the security of our southern border. A wall would reduce the flow of drugs, gangs like the violent MS-13 and criminals across our border. You highlighted the brave officer who was a legal immigrant who was murdered by an illegal immigrant in California.”

(Via Mediaite)

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