Mika Brzezinski: Trump Is Doubling Down on His Stupid Wall that Nobody Wants

‘This man can’t be trusted’

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BRZEZINSKI: "And, Rick Tyler, you know, there is some reporting or some sense that we have that Republicans are really frustrated that they are in this position. They’re trying to translate for the President and he keeps doubling down on his stupid wall that nobody wants. What would be — what would be the inspiration for Democrats to give in in any way? What would make them not go in there and just say, 'No. Sorry. Uh-huh. Not going to negotiate on this. We’re not giving you anything you want, period, end of story.' And then sit there, and let silence drip over the room. Because here is the thing, and I warn Democrats today before they go into this meeting and all their supporters, listen to me, this man can’t be trusted. This man has proven over the course of years that he cannot be trusted, that his word cannot be trusted, that he will say one thing and walk out of the meeting and completely say something else and run over you. That’s what he will do. So what do you do when you’re going into negotiate with someone who has been proven internationally, repetitively, to be completely untrustworthy?"

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