Dem Sen. Tester on the Border Wall: Trump Wants To ‘Use the American Taxpayer Like an ATM Machine’

‘I think that the fact we’re at government shutdown is nothing short of ridiculous’


TESTER: “Well, first of all, Margaret, I would just say that we passed a bill a couple of weeks ago to keep the government open and house refused to take it up. I think that the fact were at government shutdown is nothing short of ridiculous. Senator Shelby and others are spot on, we need to sit down and pound out a deal. I think that that agreement that the Senate passed in bipartisan way couple of weeks ago would give us the opportunity to come to an agreement. The problems is that the president has.3 billion dollars from last year for border security, actually 21 billion for border security, 1.3 for the wall that he has spent very little of.”

(Via Breitbart)

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