CNN’s Abby Phillip: Despite Trump’s Claims of New Migrant Caravan, ‘There Is No Evidence’ One Is Headed to the U.S.

‘The president resurrecting talk of a new migrant caravan forming in Honduras’


PHILLIP: “That’s right, Jim. Seven days into this shutdown, the blame game is in full force, and the White House unveiled a new strategy today, which relies squarely on trying to divide Democrats by blaming Nancy Pelosi. But the two sides don’t even seem to be talking, and President Trump remains sequestered in the White House, issuing tweets and new threats from his Twitter feed aimed at upping the pressure on the Democrats. In a bid to gain the upper hand in negotiations over the Government shutdown, president Trump is resorting to old threats. Insisting he will close the southern border until he gets his border wall and cut off aid to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, countries he says have been taking advantage of the U.S. for years. The President also resurrecting talk of a new migrant caravan forming in Honduras, tweeting, ‘Word is that a new caravan is forming in Honduras, and they are doing nothing about it.’ Though there is no evidence that one is heading for the U.S./Mexico border, Trump had ramped up talk of the migrant caravans coming from Central America just before the midterm elections, hoping to energize his base.”

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