CNN: Trump Threatens To Close Border ‘Entirely’ and Cut Aid to Central America

‘President Trump is resorting to old threats’


ACOSTA: "Tonight, as the Government shutdown heads into its second week, President Trump has cancelled his plans for a New Year’s get-away in Florida and is hunkered down at the White House. Throughout the day, he sent a series of threats via Twitter, including threats to close the entire border with Mexico and cut off aid to Central American countries. Meanwhile, top members of the Trump team are targeting soon to be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and seem to be trying to drive a wedge between House and Senate Democrats. We’ll discuss the situation with Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono and Republican Senator Jeff Flake and our correspondents, analysts and specialists, they have full coverage of the day’s top stories. Let’s begin at the White House and CNN’s White House correspondent, Abby Phillip. Abby, there is a lot of finger-pointing from President Trump and members of his team today, isn’t that right?"

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