McClatchy Reporter Says Report on Cohen’s Prague Trip Cited Third-Hand Evidence

‘We held out for a while for that, and it came a time when we thought we had a critical mass, it is a competitive business’

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REID: "Did your sources see the intercepts for themselves or are they passing along information from other people?"
GORDON: "The sources have — some of the sources have government sources, and some of the sources are -- are people who have told us that they have trusted intelligence-type sources that they get information from. We don’t know the specifics, but we have used these sources on many subjects, and they have been very accurate.”
REID: "You know that sounds a lot like a Steele dossier. I reread the Steele dossier today. I told you that today. Because the reality is if your sources didn’t see the intercepts themselves, did they let you see them?"
GORDON: "Did they let us see —" [crosstalk]
REID: "Have you seen the intercepts?"
REID: "So what we have, then, is sources have been used before, and they’re saying they were told that these intercepts exist."
GORDON: "That is true."
REID: "Have they — what kind of evidence did they provide you for you to feel confident that this was something you’re willing to put McClatchy’s name on?"
GORDON: "Well, for one thing, we -- we -- we got numbers. And we have four sources who told us about this. And for another, we have read the beginning of our story to some of these sources to make absolutely certain we’ve gone over and over and over it. We worked on this story for -- really for months."

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